Fairy Tales on the Dinner Table

What will you do if children refuse to eat some vegetables like carrot, tomato, or kelp? Talking to them, begging them or yelling at them won’t be of any help and make them cry instead. For Samantha Lee, a stay-at-home mom, the solution is quite simple and effective: turning meals into something her daughters will definitely like: meal cartoon. Onigiri, Purple cabbage, Zucchini, Carrot, Nori Cheese and so many other indigents have been used. Let’s have a look at what delicious dishes she has conjured up!

Bird-in-net( with cheese,meat patty and Tortilla )



 Dreaming-cat (with Crab stick,Carrot,Cheese and Nori)



Elsa (with Onigiri, cabbage, organic ramen and Nori )




Fish & Chips (with bread,cream,cheese,strawberry,banana,blueberry and Kiwi )

Fish & Chips

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